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One of Australia’s Leading Vacuum Service & Sales Centres

VacBargain Kirby specialist is one of the most prominent Kirby specialists in Australia, we are specialised in providing maintenance and repairs, providing service and providing extensive guarantees.

“We serve all states in Australia”. Send your Kirby vacuum cleaner to us and we will make sure all service, tune-up and repairs are performed efficiently and cost effectively.

VacBargain provides a comprehensive range of products and services helping Kirby owners keep their system running smoothly. Kirby vacuum cleaners are of high quality and this is known to be true by the fact that today there are many Kirby’s of which are 40 years old. As the absorption and suction rate cannot be matched and the filter system the best in the world there is no match for the Kirby Vacuum.

Remove the handle fork, outer bag and all accessories from your Kirby. What remains is the Kirby body of the machine. Pack the Kirby body in a thick cardboard box with many newspapers and send it without any attachments including your address information and email address to;
VacBargain Vacuum Specialist
PO Box 266, Batman
  • We sent you an email the day we received your Kirby and start immediately with the service.
  • After we have checked and repair your Kirby we send you a second email with the invoice.
  • After you paid we will send your Kirby back immediately.
  • We provide one-year warranty on the repair and original Kirby replacement parts.

VacBargain is an independent service centre. We supply all parts and consumables: carpet shampoo, bags, belts and more for all Kirby vacuum cleaners at prices you’ll love, with items for systems from Legend to latest model Avalir, meaning that no matter what vintage of model you have, you’ll be equipped to keep it running for years to come.

We understand how much many Australians love their Kirby vacuums, so we ensure that you’ve got everything you need to get yours back up and running in the event of a breakdown. We are your one stop shop for repair, service and Kirby consumables. Although located in Melbourne, Victoria, we deliver all over Australia, helping people everywhere get the support they need! For your convenience we usually post the same business day, ensuring that you get the parts you need to get back to work sooner.

Experts you can trust

We are located in Australia and have been operating for many years. We stock all Kirby parts and bags! If you cannot find the part or product you are after, please do not hesitate to send us an email and we’ll endeavour to hunt it down for you. All of our parts come with 12-month warranty, giving you peace of mind. Our dedicated Kirby service team is committed to providing you and your vacuum with excellent service at all times. We have highly trained employees who are the best at what they do. At VacBargain, we hire only the most qualified and experienced technicians to ensure that each repair is a complete success and you walk away fully satisfied. We will be here to honour our warranties and our commitments to you




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