Leaf Shaped Water Air Refresher Air Revitalizer Air Purifier Air Humidifier Air Diffuser

$249.00 $219.00

Water-based air purifier, air revitaliser, air refresher, humidifier, negative ioniser, led light, aromatherapy, aroma oil air purifier.

Use professional hydro-purification technology for air fresh through the water.

Remove odour, bacteria, or any other air contaminants.

Remove all kind of air pollution, pollen, peculiar smell and allergen

Releasing fresh air for healthy breathing with aroma fragrance oils.

Simply fill the bowl with tap water, add a few drops of essential oils and turn on the rainstorm. This unit will pull the air from the room, wash it through the water and essential oils, and release clean scented air back into your room.

Dust, Odours, Pet Dander and Other Unhealthy Allergens are Washed Out of the Air You Breathe

No Costly Filters, Pour out the Water and Refill

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