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Kirby HEPA filters The Best Materials to Make a Homemade Face Mask

Do Vacuum Bags Contain Fiberglass?

Right now, we need to be protecting ourselves and our families due to the COVID-19 outbreak. With the increased demand for N95 rated masks, this has left the entire world population resorting to different methods of protection. The most popular selection was Kirby vacuum selection of HEPA bags. Our most common question in recent months is if the Kirby HEPA vacuum bags contain fibreglass. This is probably due to a viral video from a doctor in Europe stating that vacuum cleaner bags contain fibreglass.

Short answer: VB HEPA bags and Kirby Vacuum HEPA bags do not contain fibreglass.

Kirby HEPA Vacuum bags have not ever and do not contain fibreglass. In fact, HEPA bags are created to offer the highest level of protection and filtration available today and are made from polypropylene material. This material has outstanding filtration abilities. Please refer to the table below, which shows the filtration abilities of the most commonly used materials worldwide for homemade masks.

filtration abilities of the most commonly-used-materials-for-homemade-masks


The full study can be found here.

Recently many manufacturers are preparing statements to show that their vacuum bags do not contain fibreglass. Below is a link to a couple of vendors who have already released their vacuum bag MSDS data sheets:



Vacuums R Us, have posted their response to the viral fibreglass video statement. We stand by their video and data. They provide links to various articles, and experiments are clearly showing that HEPA vacuums bags do not contain fibreglass.

You may watch their video in full below:


Also, the next link is a fantastic demonstration showing the melting point of fibreglass vs a Kirby HEPA vacuum bag:


The following link is a demonstration on the melting point of various vacuum cleaner bags, and the particle emissions of HEPA vacuum bags with a particle meter of an N95 mask vs a HEPA vacuum bag.


*Please note, these findings are not done in confirmed scientific settings but provide an excellent view of what HEPA vacuum bags are capable of filtering from the air around you. Also, these videos are clearly showing that HEPA vacuum bags are not made from fibreglass materials.

Finally, here is a few ideas of how to create a homemade mask:


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