Kirby Combo, Two Genuine Kirby Belts plus Genuine Kirby’s Ultimate Filtration Bags, MICRON ALLERGEN PLUS Fits All Kirby Models 6 Pk

$54.90 $49.90

Genuine Kirby Bags MICRON Allergen PLUS  6 Pk   

 Kirby’s Ultimate Filtration


·        Micron Magic, HEPA FILTER with Micro Allergen Plus Technology 

·        Electrostatically charged materials trap micron particle & matter.

·        Reduces most common household dust, pollen, mites and other particles 

·         Universal Style Fits Both F-Style and Twist-Style Kirby Models

      Fits all Kirby models listed below 

·        Heritage II, Legend II,

·        Generation 3 Generation 4, Generation 5, Generation 6,

·        Ultimate G7, Ultimate G7 Diamond,

·        Sentria G10, Sentria II G10, Avalir G10

      2 X  Genuine Kirby Drive Belts For all Kirby models