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We stock all parts for your Kirby! At Vacbargain we supply all your needs for the Kirby vacuum cleaner as well as all your accessories. We have opened our doors for more than 20 years in order to provide the best product to everyone! Vacbargain sells all original and reconditioned Kirby cleaners and accessories. We also stock Kirby bags along with our own brand Vacbargain bags bringing the best filtration to you. Vacbargain also ensures that spare parts are also made available and included are tutorials which help you keep your Kirby running.

Kirby Vacuum Cleaners and others

As well as Kirby vacuum cleaners Vacbargain stocks the Vivenso which is a water filter system. These two systems provide your home with an array of better ways to clean, offering safer and thorough ways to kill dust. The Kirby line provides ways to deep clean your carpets and has accessories which help protect your couch and mattresses while the Vivenso line provides a water filtration which is better for those with hard floors and has no filter bags itself. Our website provides you with the best products to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

Vivenso Vacuum Cleaners

A new way of cleaning! The Vivenso is the healthier way to clean. Most vacuums use a filter which traps the dust which needs to be changed and taken out, in the short term it is a great however with prolonged use some blow the dust back into where you’ve just vacuumed. The Vivenso however binds the dust to water, there is no filter needed. This is great for people with allergies and helps alleviate dust without repercussions.

VacBargain Cleaning Parts And Accessories

Kirby vacuum cleaners

Kirby has been operating since 1914 marking the beginning of the era of amazing vacuums, and since has continued to produce astounding and more innovative models always bringing the customer only the finest. With the proper care your Kirby can last decades. From the Legend to the Avalir your Kirby is sure to last.

Vacuum bags

As mentioned we do stock everything your Kirby needs to keep functioning in top shape, we offer servicing for the Kirby and stock bags, as well as parts to ensure that your Kirby is kept running smoothly. We stock Kirby bags and Vacbargain bags both of which can be fitted to your Kirby!

Kirby Accessories

You can add to your Kirby with an array of accessories which can be a necessity. There are different attachments which can help you reach those tough spots and even those you wouldn’t think to clean for example, your mattress can be cleaned as well as those hard to reach places above with the extra brushes and extensions. These can also include the Kirby shampoo system which helps deep clean your carpets.

About Vacbargain

Vacbargain Kirby and Vivenso specialist is one of the most prominent supplies within Australia. With over two decades of experience Vacbargain aims to provide the public with the best. We also specialize in repairs and services, which includes a general service and warranty on parts that you need. We are an independent service center and not affiliated with the Kirby company and/or The Scott Fetzer Company. All manuals and maintenance tips for Kirby vacuum cleaners and repair manuals for Kirby model vacuums are authored by VacBargain.com.au and are not endorsed or approved by the Kirby vacuum manufacturer – Kirby Company and/or The Scott Fetzer Company. These materials should be only used at your own discretion and risk.

Our website

VacBargain.com.au is an authorized distributer of the Vivenso and proudly makes quality affordable. Here you can find Kirby home care products which include shampoo and bags. At Vacbargain we aim to send you your order on the same business day.


Buying a Kirby Vacuum Home Care System?

If you are considering buying a Kirby System but when looking the price is set too high? That is where we come in, you can order online at our website or our ebay store. This way you can order them within a price range better suited to you.

Many of our customers have seen the excellent reviews that Kirby vacuums sport and this is because the Kirby has one of the best absorption rates on the market. Kirbys aren’t unique for just their fast absorption but the fact that these systems are a complete cleaning machine dubbed home care. These amazing systems deep clean your carpets, clean your mattress, polish your silver and even give a massage. These home care systems can last more than a lifetime with the proper care.

The Kirby Vacuum cleaner; a home care system

These vacuum cleaners are of high quality and this is known to be true by the fact that today there are many kirbys of which are 40 years old. As the absorption and suction rate cannot be matched and the filter system the best in the world there is no match for the Kirby. Vacbargain offers a range of reconditioned Kirby Homecare systems.

Reconditioned and Refurbished

These Kirbys are not in production anymore and some of them have been used for demonstration purposes only. However, this does not mean they are of no value, we refurbish the systems and service them. Then in preparation to be brought home they are polished and given warranty. Worn parts are replaced and given warranty as well. We supply 12 months warranty to parts and 12 months warranty to the reconditioned system and a further 2 years can be purchased.

The Kirby roller brush

This piece is essential to the Kirby system. It is a wooden brush with bristles that are driven by a belt and deep cleans your floors. The softness of the bristles allow for dust to be picked up from deep beneath the carpet. The power head can also be used for the cleaning of tapestry and mattresses.

The Kirby Outer bag

Through the min-emptor the air is pushed through the hose inside and met with the bag which is filled bottom up. This ensures that the Kirby does not loose suction power and the bag can be filled without releasing the dust back into the room that was previously cleaned.

Kirby uses HEPA filtration which neutralized unpleasant smells and the suction power remains as strong as ever.


Kirby Vacuum Homecare System

Ordering spare parts has never been easier with Vacbargain. They are the best prices in Australia and some even include warranty. Vacbargain stocks all original Kirby parts and can easily be ordered from our website. If you need help please do not hesitate to contact us on 9355 8298.

Vacbargain Repair Service

Vacbargain is also available to service your Kirby with the best technicians that Melbourne has to offer. This helps you keep your Kirby running for longer and updating when needed. We provide extra parts, bags both Kirby and Vacbargain, as well as a general service ensuring that your Kirby is kept in top shape.

Vacbargain spare parts online ordering

Vacbargains large range of spare parts are available for purchase and some include a warranty which gives you satisfaction that the parts are sent from good hands. If you require any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!




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