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Top Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Kirby Vacuum

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Kirby Vacuum home cleaning systems are renowned for their quality and versatility. With the equivalent of 12 home care machines all ingeniously packed into one compact vacuum cleaner, the machine definitely has the potential to be your trusty sidekick in keeping your home spotless.

So how do you make sure you’re getting the most value and use from your Kirby system?

Check out our top tips below for getting the most out of your Kirby vacuum:

Make the most of the Different Attachments

Getting to know all the vacuuming tips and tricks will ensure you achieve the cleanliness and shine you want for your home, as well as prolonging your vacuum’s life. Kirby vacuums are capable of cleaning much more than just carpets. The machine also works extremely well on rugs, hardwood floors, walls, and ceilings. The systems’ different attachments also include a handy carpet shampooer for tougher stains.

The 12 different Kirby tools mean that owners can easily switch between vacuuming the carpet, stairs, or rugs, to cleaning hardwood floors, or shampooing the carpet. It is easy to convert it to a cleaner suitable for the job in hand, which allows you to do your cleaning to the highest of standards every time.

Know Your Kirby Vacuum Settings

When you own a Kirby home cleaning system it also pays to know the settings and when to use them. For example, you can change the settings and switch to upright mode when cleaning rugs, or by using the belt-lifter to stop or start the brush roll.  Other helpful settings include Toe-touch control, which lowers and raises the vacuums’ cleaning height, and the systems’ TechDrive power assist for effortless cleaning.

Kirby Cleaning Hacks

Our top tips wouldn’t be complete without some cleaning hacks to help you get the most out of your Kirby vacuum. These include the following and more:

  • Hardwood Floors: Use the straight suction setting when cleaning hardwood floors. You can pair the miracle shine accessory with the shampoo system to give your floor a revitalising shine and finish.
  •  Pet Hair: Regular use of the Zippbrush attachment and upholstery tool will help eliminate pet hair on furniture. To get pet hair off carpets, adjust your Kirby vacuum cleaner to three clicks above the floor surface.
  • Deodorising Carpets: Kirby does much more than vacuum carpets, it can also deodorise them too. Use with Kirby homecare products such as the HomeFresh room and carpet freshener.
  • Cleaning Ceilings and Walls: Dust and dirt can accumulate on walls and ceilings as well, but worry not because the Kirby has an attachment for that too. The ceiling and wall attachment has the right bristles to loosen dirt without scratching your walls and can access all surfaces including corners and behind furniture.

Lastly, be sure to look after your Kirby by changing the disposable bag and cleaning the system regularly, together with the tips listed above. That way you’ll be able to enjoy a tidy and spotless home as well as having a cleaning companion that will serve you well for a lifetime.

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