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Number ONE reason why Kirby Vacuum would not start – safety switch

The switch has two safety features that would not allow the vacuum to start, preventing from raising clouds of dust in the air if a bag is not installed and preventing injuries if someone would attempt to turn the vacuum cleaner on with exposed fan and motor shaft.


BAG SAFETY – This feature will not allow you to operate Kirby vacuum if you do not have bag installed or bag is not fully locked onto the vacuum exhaust.

Bag plastic base mus be pressed to the vacuum as far as it can go. If the exhaust gasket is not lubricated and/or plastic bag bottom (mini emptor) is a bit tight, you may need to give it a reasonably strong push.

FRONT SAFETY SWITCH – On the front of the unit, you will see the switch that is divided into two sections – upper and lower.

When the nozzle is installed, it presses the lower part, and Kirby vacuum will operate on lower speed (not to be confused with speed switch on Kirby Diamond edition that would allow lowering speed even further). This speed is optimal for vacuuming carpets and rugs with the nozzle.

When a hose is installed, Kirby will kick into the high speed generating maximum suction/airflow that will allow you to vacuum hard surface floors and upholstery effectively. Hose will press on top switch portion, but it will make the lower switch lever go in as well.

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